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Aiken Swimming Pool is a proud partner of Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas are the most innovative and advanced hot tub on the market today. The patented JetPak Therapy System allows you to personalize your spa by selecting your preferred JetPak massages, placing them in your favorite seats, and moving them from seat to seat at anytime.


This system uses up to 90% less plumbing than conventional spas, which means less friction and greater water pressure. Your Bullfrog Spa provides powerful therapy and can run full power to all jets at the same time.


Each Bullfrog Spa is built on our reliable EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode.


In addition, Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient spas in their class. The advanced plumbing design, full foam insulation, and high quality cover mean less heat loss and more money saved.

Powerful Hydrotherapy

Because Bullfrog Spas are built with up to 90% less plumbing than conventional spas, less energy is needed to pump the water to the jets, meaning a more powerful massage experience for you.

Energy Efficient

Less plumbing, a more efficient water delivery system, full foam insulation, and a premium cover keep your spa water hot and save you money.

Choose between 18 interchangeable JetPak® massages

Each Bullfrog Spas JetPak provides a unique hydromassage experience by targeting different areas of your back, neck, and shoulders and varies in power and intensity. Personalize your spa by selecting your favorites.


With up to 18 different JetPak options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect massage for you.


Spas currently available in-store:

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Visit our store to see our selection of premium spas in person!

Interior/Cabinet Color Options:




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