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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Relax, we've got you covered.

Our team of qualified professionals is ready to help maintain your backyard oasis. With programs that are customizable to suit the needs of every customer, we can assist you with the cleaning, chemistry, and equipment service that every pool requires. We'll give your pool the care it deserves, allowing you to get the most out of your swim season while also ensuring a proper lifespan for your pool and equipment.

Aiken Swimming Pool offers cleaning and maintenance programs for both residential and commercial pools. Areas that we currently service include:

  •   Aiken

  •   North Augusta

  •   Graniteville

  •   Warrenville

  •   New Ellenton

  •   Jackson

Our standard service includes the following:

  •  Full vacuum of pool floor

  •  Brushing of side walls, steps, and ledges

  •  Skimming of pool surface

  •  All baskets will be checked for debris and emptied if necessary

  •  All equipment will be inspected, and issues will be reported

  •  Sand filters will be backwashed, cartridge filters will be cleaned when necessary

  •  Water will be tested and properly balanced

  •  Salt systems will be maintained, ensuring that the chlorinator is set optimally

  •  Decking around the pool will be cleaned with a leaf blower

After every visit, you will receive an email report showing a photo of the cleaned pool, along with notes and information on the services performed. At the end of the month, you'll receive an email statement showing your account balance, which you can pay online or in-store. You also have the ability to set up auto-pay. To add a payment method on your account, call our office during normal business hours, and we'll set up your preferred payment method to be charged at the end of every month.

We work hard to change pools from looking like this:
to looking like this:

Contact us today to find the perfect maintenance program for your pool.

Aiken Swimming Pool Company

2085 Whiskey Road

Aiken, SC 29803


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