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Freeform Shotcrete Pools

Are you looking for a natural, flowing design to tie into a nature-oriented landscape? Freeform shotcrete pools are not defined by straight lines or hard angles, and instead use graceful curvature to blend with any landscape. They are excellent for creating the look of an 'oasis' or lagoon, and can also provide a tropical feel to the area. Our freeform pools commonly feature waterfalls, stone decking, and rock features, and can also incorporate raised spas.


If you enjoy drifting aimlessly on a raft, the relaxed style of a 'mountain lake' pool may be well suited for you. The variation in curvature creates sections in the pool which can host ledges and benches, making this style great for parties and gatherings. With every aspect of your landscape being taken into account, we'll ensure that your freeform pool flows in harmony with your home. Aiken Swimming Pool Company has been designing custom freeform pools since 1972, and our design team continues to ensure that every customer receives the oasis they envision.

Our Freeform Pools:

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