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Geometric Shotcrete Pools

Does your home feature sharp lines and strong architecture? Are you looking for a modern backyard centerpiece? Our geometric custom pools offer clean lines, elegant design, and great utility, allowing you to refresh and unwind in style. Aiken Swimming Pool Company builds geometric pools that are not 'cookie-cutter' by any means. We will design your pool to fit your unique property, landscape, and style, and can incorporate features such as waterfalls or a raised spa. Without limitations, our designers will work with you to create a pool that suits your vision.


Geometric pools work well in yards of all sizes, and are great at maximizing the available space when placed in a smaller yard. In larger backyard environments, a geometric pool can compliment the open space nicely, and will keep the scene looking large and majestic. Aiken Swimming Pool also offers negative-edge, or 'zero-edge' geometric pools, where the waterline features a spillover waterfall on one of the pool's edges. This 'zero-edge' is a fantastic way to highlight a panoramic view of a lake or hillside. Since 1972, we have built many unique geometric pools, with every project focused on the creative vision of our customers.

Our Geometric Pools:

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